Perfect Pie Crust Tips

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Pie is my absolute FAVORITE dessert to eat and make. Use these Perfect Pie Crust Tips for any pie crust recipe to make your dessert as perfect as possible!

Looking for an easy pie crust recipe? My Easy Pie Crust (Food Processor) is my favorite go-to!

Keep all of your ingredients and materials cold

Cold ingredients and tools will help keep the butter or fat you are using cold. Cold fat means a tender and flaky dough.

You want to chill your butter or fat, chill any water or liquid, and even chill your bowl.

When making and forming the crust, keep it cool, too, by covering and placing in the refrigerator as needed.

A pie crust dough in a green fluted pie dish

Use a food processor to make the dough

Not only is this SO much easier, but it will help disperse the butter or fat through the dough more evenly while also preventing heat from your hands coming in contact with the dough.

Be careful with adding your wet ingredients

If the dough is overly dry, it is just about impossible to add more hydration to it.

But you can always add more flour if your dough is too stiff.

And mix just as much as you need, avoiding over-mixing, so that the dough does not become tough.

A rolling pin on top of a round piece of pie dough on a granite counter

Keep your dough in a circular shape for chilling and resting

Whenever your pie crust recipe calls for the dough resting or chilling, keep it in a circular shape.

This will make it much easier to roll out into a circle for your dish rather than trying to get it to stretch in a certain direction.

Sprinkle your crust with sugar before baking

Not only will it taste great, but the sugar will add a little extra color and texture to the dough.

You can help it adhere to the crust by brushing it with beaten egg white first or some water before sprinkling for the final bake.

A baked pecan pie in a green pie dish

Bake until the crust is well browned

This is hard for me because I honestly love a blonde, light crust.

But a browned crust will have a deeper flavor from the fat and sugars browning as well as a crisper texture in the dough itself.

And if you bake in a glass pie plate, you will be able to see the bottom crust to make sure it is cooked as well.

Let the pie cool completely before you cut into it

This is probably the most difficult tip to follow!

As soon as that pie is baking and the delicious aromas are filling the air, I want to dig into it!

But by letting it cool, fillings have a chance to set up and thicken a little.

If you want to eat it warm, it is best to let it cool completely and then slightly warm in the oven when serving.

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Those are my Perfect Pie Crust Tips!

What are your favorite types of pies to make and eat?

Tag us on social media to show off your beautiful and delicious creations!

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  1. These are such great tips, Kim, and easy to follow. I don’t make many pies, to be honest, but your pastry looks so good, I am definitely inspired to bake a couple over the holidays!


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